Our Team

Nick Fogler

Founder & CEO

Fun fact: Lived in a Japanese zen monastery for a year

Shannon Jenkins

Office Manager

Fun fact: Yoga and breathwork teacher; especially loves teaching and supporting the expectant moms and the mamas with new babies

Spencer Taylor

Senior Data Analyst

Fun fact: A fly-fishing enthusiastic, once found himself stranded waist-deep in a tropical lagoon which he discovered to be infested with crocodiles.

Johnathan Brooks

Solutions Architect

Fun fact: Likely the only AWS Solutions Architect who has played semi-pro baseball, and is a top-ranked Super Smash Bros player.

JJ Bruno

Senior Software Engineer

Fun fact: Has completed over 400 skydives and is currently working on becoming a wingsuit BASE jumper.

Andrea Barger

Senior Data Analyst

Fun fact: While auditing European telecom companies, Andrea visited 15 countries and recovered over $1M in unused inventory.

Cam Irmas

Senior Software Engineer

Fun fact: Spent a summer working on a sea turtle conservation project in Costa Rica.

David Stocker

Director of Engineering

Fun fact: Took the top prize on the Nickelodeon game show “Make the Grade”

Kelechi Erondu

Senior Data Analyst

Fun fact: Enjoys playing soccer at Brooklyn Bridge Park and volunteering in his Brooklyn community.

Eric Foard

Senior Software Engineer

Fun fact: Builds and drives remote control cars and has released an app to help people find places to drive RC cars