Get more value from your data.

4 Mile Analytics is a full-service consultancy with expertise in strategy, data analytics, data engineering, and software development. We believe in the power of data to form compelling narratives that drive innovation. Our guiding principle is to help our clients move up the chain of analytic maturity.

What we do

Data Strategy

As your organization moves into the age of analytics, your ability to adopt (automated) data-driven business processes can be a key differentiator. In our experience, the most successful organizations foster the following core values in their data practices:

  • Governance: single source of truth
  • Transparency: visibility into key business logic
  • Trust: data insights are consistent and accurate
  • Accessibility: relevant insights for all
  • Design: meeting users where they are

A 4 Mile engagement will leverage these pillars as the foundation for advancing your data strategy.

Data Analytics

Leverage Your Data

Most organizations have access to vast amounts of data from which they derive little value. A 4 Mile implementation acts as a big lever on this data, extracting latent benefits and insights.

Focus Your Efforts

The technical details of many data projects can be complex. By leveraging our expertise in best-in-class tools, you stay clear of the weeds and focus on business drivers and empirical decision making.

Looker Implementation

Our founding team is comprised of former leaders from Looker’s Professional Services, Product, and Engineering teams. As such, we have a uniquely close partnership and deep specialization in the platform.

Looker Certified Partner

Machine Learning

With greater analytic maturity comes the desire for more complex types of analyses. Our machine learning practice offers predictive, natural language processing, and other related services.

Data Engineering

In order to make well-informed business decisions, you need a holistic, 360-degree view of your organization. The challenge is that data typically resides in different environments, platforms, and formats. We specialize in moving, transforming, and aggregating data (ETL) in preparation for analytics or data science use cases, with expertise in:

  • Solutions architecture
  • Designing ETL solutions built on robust platforms (Fivetran, Keboola)
  • Cloud platform infrastructure management & DevOps (AWS, Google Cloud, Azure)
  • Productionizing data pipelines built on distributed systems (Hadoop, Spark) with container orchestration (Kubernetes)
  • Data warehouse design, optimization, and dimensional modeling (Snowflake, Redshift, BigQuery)

Software Development

Your data is only as impactful as your ability to tell a story. The right user experience can be your greatest asset in bringing your data to life. With over 25 years of application and software engineering experience, 4 Mile has a unique capacity to develop API-driven custom web applications, visualizations, embedded analytics, and more.